My Art Liberated and Art Received!

On February 17, 2014 I wrote about the postcard swap through Kat Sloma. I sent out six cards – five to swap with others from all over the world, and one for Kat herself. This event is a highlight in my life each time it is held, and this third year is no exception. It actually becomes more fun every time because each time I am better prepared and more pleased with what I’m sending.

If you refer back to that previously mentioned post, you can see the photo of the cards I had made for trade. I want to share with you the art I received now.

1. This one is from Michelle in Virginia, USA . Her website is http://busyweekends.com



2. This one was from Claire in the UK. She wrote at the bottom “Excuse my wonky writing – I’m a stroke survivor.” Her website is http://anotherdeepday.blogspot.co.uk



3. This one is from Sue Williams of New Bern, North Carolina, USA. I am a birder and I photograph birds a lot! I really love this (love them all, of course!). This one has a special cancellation mark – from The National Postal Museum Station at The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC! Kat mailed these from there – how cool is that?



4. This one is from Barbara in the Pacific Northwest, USA. She is “mthoodmama” on Instagram and Flickr. I met her through the swap (online not in person) for the last three swaps, and follow her on both photo sites. I’m “Arty_Kat” on both sites, BTW.



5. This one is from Lisa Wolf and her email is listed as lwgoldendog@gmail.com



6. The last one was from Kat Sloma, our Liberate Your Art Host! Her website is http://kateyestudio.com
And is is FULL of wonderful things to see and do!



The next post will have the extra swaps I’ve received thus far! I am always looking for more swapsies!

Influencing Me – Johannes Vermeer


VerMeer is one of my favorite artists and I also
feel some of his paintings are indeed quite like a photograph. I adore his work!

Originally posted on Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY:

Painters to me are very important, we can learn a lot looking at ones from the past.  I also wonder if photography had been available would they have been photographers as well, here is one painter that I think might have been.  I don’t know that Jan Vermeer would have been a photographer exclusively, but I could imagine he would have taken many photos for his painting.  We know that he used new things like the camera obscura, so I don’t think it is implausible to think he would have used a camera.

love_letterI know people will disagree with me, I find there is something very photographic about his images.  He is described as a Dutch Baroque Painter from that period, he was born in 1632 and died 1675.  He lived a short life.

913px-Johannes_Vermeer_-_Het_melkmeisje_-_Google_Art_ProjectThere is something about the ordinary in his work. The way he tried to capture everyday life…

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My Art is Liberated!

I sent out my postcards for the “Liberate Your Art” postcard swap with Kat Sloma- I wrote about it earlier – about a week ago. I had 10 photos that I had Moo.com make into two bundles (10 per bundle). 6 were sent to the swap- one for Kat and five to trade.

I was very pleased with Moo’s high quality! They are heavy card, glossy, and you can choose to have something printed on the back as well as your info like return address and website, email, etc.

Here is a photo of the 10 cards- mostly of the cosmos from our back garden (I discovered that I LOVE this flower!) and one of some autumn berries and another of our next door neighbor cat who thinks our house is an annex to his (and I guess it really is):


My Try at a Leaf

Zentangle Inspired Art
Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA) is not “true” Zentangle as it consists of ink/pencil on white square tiles, usually 3″x3″. Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA) can be any size, and incorporate colors if desired.

I really enjoy drawing ZIAs and find it exciting to come up with new creations. Being Disabled and retired, my income is near the poverty line so I am going to try to sell some through my shop on Etsy. We’ll see! Also hope to sell my photography taken in the heart of Appalachia in Southwestern Virginia, USA. I love the land, the people, the culture and mountains here. Beauty is wherever I gaze.

Zentangling All The Way

I have been learning a way of drawing and doodling called ZenTangling. It is an organized way of doodling/drawing that really appeals to me.

I’m not very experienced at it, so don’t judge :) one of the things I like to do is to have someone close their eyes and draw something without taking their pen off the paper. I then close up the two ends (if needed) and then fill it in with tangles. They start off looking like nothing then they become something cool! I turn them until i see something “appear” – And the “something” that they turn into always relates to the person who drew the line. For example, this one was by someone who loves dogs (I didn’t know!) – the only copy I have is not yet finished one below. When it was done, it looked as if he had a black nose and an adorable hat! She was thrilled.


This is one I have put on a notecard I’ll send to a friend when it is done. I drew it all:


This last one was one I drew entirely, and it was my very first one. I sent it to my friend without taking a photo. She framed it and took a photo for me, so it’s not very clear. I LOVE this pitcher! Every section was symbolic of something pertaining to our friendship.the section without color was filled with letters if the alphabet because we are both book, poetry and word lovers.


Do you doodle?


Learning to Accept the Transitions of My Life Through Creative Expression

I am a very new artist when it comes to watercolor (I may spell it “watercolour” as my husband is an Englishman and I married into the language. Trust me, it IS different!). I have been a creative and expressive person all my life, but always looked forward to retirement when I’d have time to myself. I have three adult children (all disabled in different ways) and was a full-time psychotherapist in different settings all my adult life.

Now, I have time. I have thrown myself into photography, which I adore, but want to recreate some photo scenes in paint form. My husband has retired early due to disability (me, too… We’re a mess!) but now also suffers from early-onset dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease. This is as demanding on me as raising my children, so retirement doesn’t look like I had imagined. It’s not his fault but instead of stress going down, it is high every day with no days off.

Because of these pressures (my two adult disabled daughters live with us and there is friction at times – A lot, as my husband has unreasonably high expectations of them, and they both like to coast), I am in desperate need of a creative outlet.

So, starting now, January 1, 2014 (ok, it’s after midnight but so what) I am dedicating myself to accepting this transition in my life AND making time for creativity!

Here is a fast little painting I made for a friend. I know it isn’t a masterpiece,  but if I think that way I’ll never create… so I am banishing the horribly mean art critic who demands perfection- she lives in my head- and just DOING it.